Certification of quality

Maison Boudier places the highest emphasis on quality in the manufacture and distribution of all its products. This commitment is shown in the priority and professional commitment of care given by everyone involved in our business and by the following certificates:

Maison Boudier has been awarded an unprecedented number of certificates in this field as well as certifications which have been renewed over the years.

Thus, since 1997, Maison Boudier was the first company in its sector to obtain ISO 9002 certification for the manufacture, packaging, marketing and distribution of Crème de Cassis de Dijon, as well as spirit drinks and herbal liqueurs by the B.V.Q.I. (Bureau Veritas Quality International). This distinction requires regular daily checks and a total commitment for perfection to be renewed annually.

In 2001, Maison Boudier was awarded additional certificates. The company received HAACP certification against industrial risks and was awarded ISO 9001, which includes all aspects of concept and development in the quality control process. A new stage was reached in 2005 with a further two certifications: IFS and BRC. In the same year, the company was awarded a renewal of its ISO 9001 certification.

Every year since, Maison Boudier has reaffirmed its commitment to quality by systematically renewing every one of the certificates obtained so far. A sign of reliability and professionalism which underlies our total commitment to excellence, important values at Maison Boudier since 1874.

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