Behind the scene…

At Maison Boudier, the fruit follows a journey dedicated to preserving its quality, aromas and taste. This involves certain key stages, notably of maceration and distillation, which by using our unparalleled expertise, have been the signature of Maison Boudier for over a century.

Maceration: like the infusion of tea, this is a product of osmosis, wholly dedicated to extracting and using the aromatics and colours of the fruit. After gentle crushing, the fruit is macerated in a water-alcohol solution for a suitable time depending on the type of fruit. This water-alcohol mixture acts primarily as a solvent for the aromas within the fruit’s pectin, the pectin itself as well as the natural sugars or fructose. The alcohol also has an antiseptic role since it inhibits any fermentation from starting. It is also worth noting that it fully preserves the aromas as it is a selective solvent; thus the herbaceous flavours of the small fruit stalks and the resins found in the pips are not soluble in alcohol. The juice thus obtained is sweetened with sugar to make a liqueur.

Distillation is a procedure for extracting volatile substances from fruits and for better capturing the aromas. It is used for fruits with volatile aromas like citrus, Poires Williams…Thus quite a few liqueurs can be obtained by blending infusions from macerations, and the “alcoholates” obtained from distillation. Combining the two processes often allows one to reconstitute exactly the taste of the fruit as in the case of the liqueur Poires Williams. The natural colour of the pear, it’s ‘oiliness’, natural sugars and ‘heady’ aromas are obtained by maceration and the finer, more subtle aromas, are obtained by distillation. Blending the two together reconstitutes precisely the taste of the fresh fruit.

Certain liqueurs are obtained by maceration, such as red berry liqueurs; some are obtained by distillation, like citrus liqueurs; others by a skilful combination of both techniques, notably in the case of Poires Williams. Maison Boudier then sweetens the chilled juice with [solid??] sugar when making all its liqueurs.

The uniqueness of Maison Boudier lies in the authentic taste of the fruit which comes from the methods used, and which have been chosen because they reconstitute precisely the taste of the fresh fruits. The company’s expertise is recognised by consumers and experts and is available to any company that wishes entrust us with their spirits production. While the company can call on the expertise of many food processing engineers it has chosen to concentrate on solely on spirits and avoid the production of wines, syrups and soft drinks…etc.

Maison Boudier also has the capacity and capability, thanks to the flexibility of its materials handling and equipment, to offer packaging solutions for all types of products.